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About Us

Rug for Me is a newly established company to help you buy handmade carpets in an easy way all from Nepali factory to your room...

Why Rug for Me

Rug for Me believes in quality - that be products, services it gives to its customers, or to its stakeholders, team, or staff members.

It also firmly believes on its responsibilities towards the local communities. A good chunck of profit it makes by selling carpets goes directly to the needy people of the Nepalese communities - be it for old people who are left by their families, marginalized communities for their skill enhancement, or education for kids from poor families or orphanages.

Hence by buying a carpet from Rug for Me not only makes your room, office, or lobby attractive and luxurious - you are also contributing to shine some happy lives of the needy communities in Nepal.


Change Texture

You can change texture of the carpet until you are satisfied simply by few clicks

Change Colors

Entire factory color for your capet is in your hand, simple select your desired color before finalizing your carpet

Laydown in your Room

Before your carpet is ordered or made, lay down in your room and see how it looks. If you are not satisfied, change its size, color, texture as per your desire

Customize your Carpet

Here you go and start customizing your carpet

Change the texture

Change the texture of your design as per your like.

Simply click on the drop down menu of your desired color and change the material - wool, silk, loop, or custom.

As soon as you change the material, the texture in your capet is visualized on your design.

Here we have chosen silk for second color and see the effect in the carpet below.

Change the colors

Change the color that you think needs change.

Click on the color that you want to change this pop ups a small window with all the factory colors and select your preferred color, and see what happns.

In this example design, the third color has been clicked and selected different color.

Laydown the carpet in your room

Now laydown the carpet in your room or select one of the rooms on the left side.

Once the materials, colors, and piles of your carpet are as per your like, laydown the carpet in your room to see the room with the new carpet.

Now you know how to design and customze your carpet yourself.

Customize your carpet

Now time for you to play around the carpet and make your own, click on the button 'Make my Carpet'.

Rug for Me

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